Lawn Maintenance

We at Live Oak Landscape Group are the top lawn maintenance and lawn care service provider in Gulfport Mississippi. We have done all kinds of lawn jobs including the installation of lawns and the maintenance of the same for residential and commercial properties all over the state. We have the experienced professionals, the technique and know how to give you the best lawn maintenance services anywhere in Gulfport. Whether you need to install a new lawn or require lawn maintenance and care on an old lawn, we are here to assist. We ensure that your lawn looks as beautiful and as natural as can be. This will not only give your lawn curb appeal but will also make it a great place to spend time with family and friends.

Integrated Lawn Care Services

We provide integrated lawn maintenance Gulfport services alongside single standing services. Our full-service packages include:

• Lawn care (blowing, trimming, edging, and mowing)
• Pruning of trees and shrubs
• Flower bed maintenance
• Sodding and seeding and
• Mulching
Landscaping Services

Lawn Care and Maintenance

Our integrated lawn care and maintenance services include everything from installation of the lawns through seeding and sodding, and taking care of the grass. After we have installed the lawn, we can offer you services such as leaf blowing to get rid of all leaves and debris from the trees and dead grass. We will also mow your lawns depending on a budget and schedule set by you. When you contact us for lawn care Gulfport needs, you will even get other services that include: edging of your gardens and beds, which tend to lose definition over time.


All seasoned property owners in Mississippi know that you need to mulch your gardens to keep them healthy. We are one of the very few companies that provide mulching services in Gulfport. We provide lawn mulch for your gardens and lawns to protect them from the elements and to promote healthier shrub and grass growth. Our mulching services include mulch installation and maintenance as one of the essential components of lawn care and maintenance package.

Tree Shrub Fertilization & Maintenance

Trees and shrubs are some of nature’s greatest gifts though they need to be well taken care of if you need to get all their benefits. At Live Oak Landscape Group, we have professional arborists who will take care of your trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy and thriving. We will fertilize your shrubs, trim and prune them so that they can be the beautiful addition to the property that they should be. Our expert trimming services personnel will design and style your trees so that it matches the overall look of your landscape.

Why you need to Trim your Shrubs and Trees Regularly
1) Remove dangerous dead branches
2) Help the trees grow
3) Prevent potential disease
4) Encourage fruit production
5) Improve the aesthetics of the property
Pruning Shrubs
Pruning Trees

Seeding and Sodding

Whether you decide to sod or seed your lawns, it is critical that you use the most beautiful sod or seed that you can find. At Live Oak Landscape Group, we use the finest seeds and sods certified for use in the state of Mississippi. We have been operating in Mississippi for decades, and we know the best seeds and grasses to use in every area of the state. Moreover, we are a Mississippi State Licensed Pesticide/Herbicide Applicator, and we know how to grow your lawns so that you do not have to fight weeds.


We have in stock the best seeds that will give you great lawns that will be the envy of your friends and neighbors. We have experts who will seed your new lawns or renovate lawns that have fallen into disrepair. Our installers have the experience, and technical skill to core aerate, slit seed or overseed your lawn for best results.


Sod is advantageous to seeding since we can install it at any time of the year. Unlike seeds which only work well from mid-March to mid-May and early September, Sod will set and grow anywhere in Gulfport regardless of time of year. Moreover, unlike seeds, our sod will not be washed away by rain or have to compete with weeds. We can typically install the sod and give you a brand new lawn within a few hours.