Landscape Lighting

So you have carefully designed a sweepingly beautiful landscape where you can enjoy a calm retreat with your family or host your friends, only for the sunset to interfere with it. At Live Oak Landscape Group, we believe that you should not be letting the sunset mess with the enjoyment of your landscape. This is why our outdoor lighting experts have been providing the best soft ambient lighting, path lights, and spotlights so that you can enjoy your yard both in the daytime and when it gets dark. We will provide you with lighting that gives safety and ambient lighting for your family and your guests, just like we have done for many other clients in Gulfport.

Landscape Lighting Design

If you are looking for Landscape Lighting Gulfport, then there is no better company than Live Oak Landscape Group. Whether you have a specific vision of what you want your landscape to look like, or are starting from scratch and need our professional team to help you with lighting designs, we will do it all for you.

We not only design new landscapes lighting but we can also customize already existing installations. If you decide that you need to change or add an existing feature, we can always design something for you.
Our services improve the overall look of your landscape as we install low voltage lighting including lights to keep your visitors safe from tripping hazards, and spotlight lighting to showcase your beautiful gardens.

Our designs are borne of years of experience as we have professional landscape design personnel with decades of experience in landscape lighting. Our installers will give you lighting that gives your home a hospitable feel, brighten your garden and make it possible to enjoy your backyard when the sun goes down.

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Benefits of Landscape Lighting

There are several benefits for your landscape including extending the use of your gardens and patio into the dark. It also enhances the elements of the landscape such as the foliage, yard and other features of the space.

The following are the key benefits of landscape lighting:
1. Appearance – Proper positioning and lighting can improve curb appeal and highlight your architecture making your property look spectacular in the night light.

2. Functionality – Lighting can be significant in determining the use of the space as it allows you to safely entertain family, friends, and guests on the decks, patios and along the pathways.

3. Security and Safety – Well lit yards are a very effective deterrent against vandals, intruders, and burglars.

Types of Low Voltage Lighting Gulfport

There are several types of lighting that we design and install in Gulfport. You can choose from designs to either keep the home safe or to enhance the beauty of your landscapes.

1. Spotlight Lighting
Our spotlight designs provide safety and also highlight the distinctive architectural features of the landscape. If you need to highlight your fountains or flower beds at night, spotlight lighting is what you need.

2. Low-Voltage Lighting
Our lighting design typically comes with a transformer, timer, wiring, and photocell. It also plugs into an installation box or outlet. We have professional technicians to install these ambient lights in your landscape so that you can have fun and entertain well into the night.

Special Advantages of our Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Systems

We use the best of FX Luminaire products, the leading manufacturer of landscape lighting products which provide a lot of advantages in ambiance, beauty, safety, and power consumption. The following are some of the benefits of our lighting installations:

1. Low voltage light systems need about 12 volts of light as compared to typical garden lighting that can consume up to ten times more powerful. With these systems, you can have safety and ambiance with significant savings.

2. Since the lights only consume 12 volts, they tend to be less prone to short circuits, and hence they are less of a fire hazard as compared to standard garden lights that can heat up quite fast.

3. We can design your lighting system to have adjustable brightness. By using the correct transformers, right lights and our professional designs, there is no reason why your lights cannot be brighter or dimmer.