Irrigation Installation and Repair

We have more than a decade of experience in irrigation design and irrigation repair along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We have designed and installed a wide range of irrigation systems on many properties, to become the market leader on the residential irrigation systems market.

In today’s busy world where many people do not have the time to water their flower beds and lawns, an irrigation system is necessary. If you want to have a beautiful, lush, and healthy landscape, you know that you need to have precise and constant watering. Live Oak Landscape Group has the expertise to install a new automatic irrigation system that you can have up and running in as little as one day. You should not be moving sprinklers and dragging hoses across the lawn when you can have an irrigation system do it for you.

Sprinkler System Jet for Irrigation System

Why you should install an Irrigation System

1) Save time – You will no longer have to get out of the house to water your lawns and gardens.
2) Save water – An irrigation system is more effective in water usage than watering by hand.
3) Save money – With a lower water bill and a landscape with reduced maintenance needs, you will save money.

Live Oak Landscape Group: Irrigation Design and Installation Services

Choosing to install an irrigation system could be a difficult decision. However, at Live Oak, we believe that it should not be, as we make the entire process easy for you. We have been helping homeowners with irrigation designs and installation of turnkey solutions. We use Hunter and Rain Bird Irrigation Product such as valves, nozzles, spray head sprinklers and rotors, which are the best quality in the business.

We have certified irrigation design experts who will come up with an irrigation plan. The plan will be based on your vision for the landscape, the available water volume, and pressure, site conditions such as existing trees, wind, shade, sun, and landscape conditions.

We will then get out highly trained installation team to install the irrigation system (most of the time it will not take more than a day) in line with our proven techniques and using our high tech irrigation installation systems. Our experts will install the irrigation system without disrupting your existing landscape, as we will install our pipes underneath your driveways, gardens, and walkways without disturbing them.

The new irrigation system will be thoroughly tested, adjusted and checked using our checklist to ensure that it works as well as it should before we leave the premises. We will provide you with a full demonstration and training on how to use the system and how to maintain it. Live Oak Landscape Group will provide after sales service and will answer all your questions about your new irrigation system 24/7 either on the phone or on our website.

Live Oak Landscape Group Repair Services

Whether you are looking for Irrigation Repair Gulfport experts for accidental damage to your irrigation system, or maybe you need an overhaul, Live Oak Landscape Group is ready to serve you. We have a team of neighborhood technicians all over Gulfport and Mississippi. They will provide immediate response to your emergencies using our high tech dispatching and scheduling software. We guarantee exceptional service for all our workmanship and the products we install.

Among the things we repair and install include:
1) Repair and replacement of control timers, valves, and sprinkler heads
2) Repair, installation, and replacement of shutoff valves, backflow preventers, moisture sensors, and rain sensors
3) Repair of PVC piping and polyethylene sprinkler tubing
4) Upgrading your existing system to our modern designs that are more efficient and effective

Call us today for a consultation on a new irrigation design or to request any repair and maintenance services. Our customer service is on hand to handle all of your requests. Our technicians will be more than ready to consult with you and do a site visit to do a free evaluation on the suitability of your property for an irrigation system or irrigation repair.